World War 2 had a very significant effect on Canada. In World War 1 we observed how Canada began to seek and eventually gain independence through various events. In World War 2 we could see how Canada began to shape itself as an independent country. World War 2 effected Canada socially, politically, and economically, as you will see in the paragraphs below.

Social Effects

Above we read that Canada's troops were also composed with black and aboriginal peoples and perhaps because of this Canada became more tolerant, agreeing to accept displaced persons and refugees from Europe. Because of this, and the many war brides, Canada experienced a "baby boom". Pre WW2 Canada held a very low position in society but because of their efforts in the war, they recieved a greater recognition in society.

Political Effects

In WW1 we watched as Canada gradually became independant from Britain. Now, as a result of WW2 Canada established itself as a middle power, therefore taking a more active global role. Canada's trooops were recognized for their numerous contributions to the war. Their troops were made up of black and aboriginal peoples and this advanced the cause of civil rights in Canada. Canadians were also safer now that the Canadian government intervened more frequently, and their French English relations were only strained, not broken.

Economic Effects

Canada supplied many resources and raw materials to the war and thus their economy boomed, despite their debt of over $10 million dollars. The supplies Canada gave to the war had to be made in large supplies fast, resulting in many factories across Canada.
Many factories also converted in order to send supplies to their Canadian troops. For example, Inglis Appliances, in Toronto made Bren Machine Guns, and Sten sub Machine guns, and General Electric made search lights and radar for ships. Canadian Steel Car in Hamilton switched from making freight cars , to making fighter planes. General Motors in Oshawa, made over ONE MILLION trucks in WW2.
Because of this the agricultural sector was overtaken by the industrial and manufacturing sectors in Canada.


Links to movies on the baby boom and war brides of Canada.

5 Interesting Facts on WW2

1)40,000 men served the U-Boats but 30,000 never returned. 
2)For each man killed on battle, four others were wounded.
3)Hitler executed 84 of his generals, for various reasons.
4)From 1939 till the end of the war, the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bomb, mostly in industrial German cities.
5) The only nation that Germany declared war on was the U.S.

Christian Analysis

World War 2 ultimately shaped Canada into a better nation. Post World War 2 Canada  had a more tolerant society, a bigger population, a booming economy, more power, and a better government. However, in order for this to have happened 42, 000 men lost their lives. Does this make up for it? From the political, social, and economical effects we can see how God was making Canada into a better nation/place. Years down the road many Dutch Christians immigrated to Canada, and now there are thousands of  Reformed people living in Canada today. Surely God works for the good of those who love Him!